Furnace Repair

If you suspect your heating system is failing – such as uneven heat, unusual noises, or your heating bills are going higher for no apparent cause – call A.M.E. Mechanical. While the trouble could be minor, fixing the problems sooner rather than later can prevent a major problem in the future. Call A.M.E. Mechanical at the first sign of trouble, and talk to our office staff to describe the problem. They’ll be able to help assess the issue with your specific type and brand of equipment. We’ll then be able to send the right technician to your home and provide a full analysis of the problem, then execute repairs immediately.

Furnace Maintenance

Maintaining your furnace is important for extending it’s useful life, and for it’s continued efficient and safe operation. We recommend that you get a furnace maintenance tune-up every year before temperatures start to dip.

Tune-ups include a full 20 point inspection and service, including:

  • Clean heat exchanger and inspect for combustion leaks.
  • Test for carbon monoxide.
  • Clean burners and adjust for maximum efficiency.
  • Clean pilot assembly and inspect thermocouple.
  • Inspect flame sensor.
  • Examine flue and inspect venting system.

…and 14 more performance and safety checks.

Replacement or Installation

A new heating system is an important investment, both financially and for optimum comfort. Your choice will impact you for many years, so you want to choose carefully from the different heating systems available. We can help you make this important and often difficult decision by discussing with you each step of the process. We understand that each Bay Area home and neighborhood is unique, so choosing the system that fits your home, budget, and unique micro-climate is crucial for your long term enjoyment of your new system. Call us today to learn out more about our heating installation services!

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