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For most homeowners, your home is your biggest investment, and your air conditioning system is an integral part of that investment. If it’s not keeping you comfortable, or the cost of keeping you cool keeps climbing, call A.M.E. Mechanical.

When you call A.M.E., our  service representative will work with you to determine the problems, then get the right technician to your home quickly. We’re committed to providing fast and accurate service, utilizing the industry’s best modern practices. We aim to exceed your expectations, and build trust that earns your continued business in the future.

Air Conditioning Repair

If your home air conditioning system is in need of repair, we’re here to help. Typical symptoms of an air conditioner in need repair can be:

  • Ice forming on the coil
  • Mildew smell when you turn it on
  • The compressor goes on and off
  • Or it’s just not cooling properly (or at all)

Our professional, highly trained, certified technicians will  diagnose the problem while discussing their findings with you. You’ll be given a full breakdown of what’s needed to get your system back in tip-top shape.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Much like your car, your air conditioning system is more efficient and reliable when it’s serviced regularly. Without routine maintenance, your air conditioner can develop problems that lead to higher operating costs and repairs (or premature replacement) that are significantly more than the cost of the unit itself . Routine servicing of your air conditioning unit is best done twice a year.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

When your air conditioner’s useful life is over, and you’re ready to replace it with a high efficiency model, we can help. A.M.E.’s experts will work with you to spec the right system that fits your home, budget and energy needs.

Short of a permanent breakdown, it can be difficult for a homeowner to know if they should continue to repair their existing system, or if it makes more sense to replace it with a new model – and what features a new model should have. Fortunately, the air conditioning experts at A.M.E. Mechanical are here in to help you through all the critical issues you’ll face in choosing and installing a new A/C system.

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