A.M.E. Mechanical has faced some of the Bay Area’s most sophisticated system demands in a wide variety of facilities, keeping clients and their customers comfortable, providing business continuity, keeping their tenants happy, and making sure their equipment is operating at peak efficiency. We design and build HVACR systems to meet your demanding needs, for both facility and financial requirements.

We help achieve your design-build goals:

  • Maintain the lowest possible costs
  • Reduce project implementation time
  • Manage and reduce all project business and technical risks
  • Adapt to your individual business, technical, and schedule requirements

The design-build approach saves you time and money. Early in the design process a budget is established to avoid cost overruns, reducing or eliminating the need to re-engineer after a bid. Construction can move forward while the some of the finer details of the design are still being developed.

Our attention to cost management starts with quality engineering, and follows with construction that runs smoothly. The A.M.E. Mechanical design team coordinates with stakeholders (clients, architects and general contractors) to determine current needs and anticipate any necessary adjustments. We engineer quality systems to meet performance requirements, within project budgets, and minimize maintenance and energy costs.

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