Is your air conditioning is not doing it’s job? Is hot air, or no air, blowing from your air supply registers? Call A.M.E. Mechanical for expert troubleshooting. We can find the problem and let you know your best options for repair or replacement.

We have experience with large office buildings, commercial and retail complexes, and industrial facilities.  If your air conditioning is not working at peak performance (or not working at all),  just call us!

We work on all air conditioning types. From small ‘split’ systems, heat pumps, larger package units in retail stores to large office building air conditioning systems. Our skilled technicians can help you remedy the problem and tame your energy bill.

Do you have ‘zone’ problems’? Areas that always seem to be warm and don’t get enough cold air from your air conditioning. Let us take a look and get you a handle on your air conditioning issues!

A/C Maintenance

Has your air conditioning system been a high maintenance, high energy using system?

Has your air conditioning system really been looked at by a qualified company such as ours? Or does your air conditioner’s last maintenance inspection date back to ’The Great War’?
Your home air conditioning system should be inspected at a minimum twice a year. Before each heating and the cooling(air conditioning) season! And air filter changes need to be more frequent if you have pets or a lot of traffic through your house.

Commercial air conditioning systems should be checked quarterly! With front doors that open frequently and more foot traffic there is more dust and debris that could plug your air conditioning systems air filter(s).

All air conditioning systems use much more energy when the air filters are not changed frequently, and could cause premature air conditioning and heating system failures.

In air conditioning low air flow can cause premature failure of the compressor. What does a new compressor cost? Try $1000 and up!

With low air flow heat exchangers can overheat in furnaces and crack. Allowing carbon monoxide to seep into the house or building air. What happens when heat exchangers crack. It is usually cheaper to replace the furnace except on some commercial units. In other words a decent mortgage payment if you are a homeowner. (i added this to the heating service1.0)

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Homeowners! Does your air conditioning system date back to the day you took down your ‘disco ball’, and hid it! Is your air conditioning system ready for ‘landmark’ status?

Building owners are you tired of having the aging air conditioning equipment up on your roof nickel and dime you to death, while trying to keep your customers and tenants happy?


Do you know all of your options for replacement of your energy guzzler?

What you need is an energy miser! We have the answers!

We gladly provide you with all the answers, all the options on multiple brands of air conditioning and will beat or match any price. All new air conditioning installs come with warranties to put you at ease.

Manufacturers are working under new strict energy requirements and chances are even the lowest cost air conditioning replacement unit will save you hundreds of dollars annually, and will be much quieter than the original air conditioning unit.

Our experienced installers will surprise you with their politeness and cleanliness. And when the job is complete, and they answer all your questions all you have to worry about is where to spend that extra money you save with a lower energy bill!

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